Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let Go and Let God Fight For You!

It has taken me years to fully understand that God really does love me and that He IS FOR ME! After all, doesn't the Scripture say that "...if God is for us,, who (can be) against us...? (Ro 8:31)(AMP). Yes, we serve a very BIG God and nothing is impossible for Him.  So, why can't I trust Him to fight for me and on my behalf?  It's because so many times I can't let go! Can you let go?   Interesting, isn't it?  We really do believe that we can fix our own problems- when ultimately it's God who knows all things.  We are afraid to give all our concerns to He might forget about them and not do anything about them!

We Need Not Fear Our Enemy
We need not fear our enemies because none of them is more powerful than God.  It's clear that our enemy is against us- but let me remind you that is his only position!  Our God is IN us, AROUND us, OVER us, SURROUNDING us, and THROUGH us! It's time for us, as believers, regardless of denomination, gender or color to let go of our fear and trust God.

Ps.  125:1-2 says:
"Those who trust in, lean on, and confidently hope in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides and stands fast forever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from this time forth and forever."

We are like a mighty mountain which are not to be moved by the storms that confront us.  If God promises to surround us then that means that He is holding us firmly and not allowing us to fall!  He promises to never leave us or forsake us. (see 1 Corinthians 3:16).

Rise Up, Army of the Lord!
Since we know these things to be true, let's not focus on circumstances but rather get prepared for any battle without feeling threatened or fearful.  Our God will fight for us! We have nothing to fear!

Take up your sword, which is God's Word and let Him fight for you today!
Hebrews 4:12 "For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why Can't I Shift into My "Suddenly?"

Dear believer,
I believe it is time for suddenlies!  Yes, I really do!  I believe that the Lord spoke to me and said it was time.   However, whenever I began to post messages about experiencing suddenlies I had many people write and ask ways to do that....besides using faith.
After praying a bit, I concluded that there were two questions that we must ask ourselves:
One being  Are there squatters in our land? And, secondly,  Are we protecting our boundaries?

Squatters in Our Land:
 A squatter is a person ( or an entire family) who decides to set up camp and remain on land he/she doesn't own.  It can even be a homeless person who moves into an empty building and gain a title to it without paying anything. Actually, there are many states that allow this and actually give right-of-way to the squatters.
Spiritually, it is when we haven't possessed a portion of our Promised Land ( a promise) and the enemy moves into our legal inheritance (territory) and declares squatters rights!  In the natural it's almost impossible for an owner of the property to re-gain ownership and access.  Spiritually speaking, the enemy will attempt to possess your inheritance if we don't take action.  Dear one,  we must begin to become aggressive and move forth, possessing our promises. The enemy will attempt to hurl accusations against us, but we must remain confident that what God has promised us is ours!  Just like God did with Israel, promising them a land filled with milk and honey- He has promised us the same!  

 Are We Protecting Our Boundaries?
 God gave Israel's tribes their land and described the boundaries of their portions.  It was each tribes responsibility to protect what God had given.  If a squatter attempted to move into the land, they had to immediately kick them out!  Let me assure you, squatters bring trials and tribulations with them. Maybe some of our trials are due to squatters possessing portions of our promise.  Let me assures you of this- squatters don't give up without a fight.  Why?  Because they are convinced they belong there!  Believer, let me ask you a question....are you letting the devil know what is yours?  It's time to rise up and take back what rightfully belongs to us.  It's also time to remind the devil that Jesus Christ defeated him on the Cross and he has to move out of your Promised Land!
If we do these things I believe that we are even more empowered to experience our suddenlies that God has promised!

For more on "Suddenlies" see the Elijah List Post on 6-29-16 from Dr. Sandie Freed

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Repost: Jezebel Opposes the Anointing and Power of God!

Dear Believer

I have been asked to re post and update a few things concerning a Jezebel spirit. This is because this evil spirit is active once more and we need to be forewarned and on guard!  Jezebel caused Elijah to fear and he ran away in the opposite direction and ended up in a cave.  Many of God's leaders are still in the cave!  But dear ones, we've go to come out of the cave and fulfill divine destiny!

 In one of my recent posts  I discussed the necessity to dethrone a Jezebel spirit. I did not mention in the posts (though I do address it in my books) the fact that a Jezebel spirit directly  promotes religious performance and religious tradition. If you recall, in the Old Testament when Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, the false prophets went into a religious rage of performance-praying loudly and cutting themselves to get their false god's attention. Today, we may not go to these extremes, but yet due to tradition are we are still depending on works,deeds, and religious rituals to "get God's attention." (Let me encourage you to read my recent  blog if you haven't done so as you will have a greater understanding of how to dethrone a Jezebel spirit).

So let's discuss "tradition." Let me again ask:

When we consider ourselves as new covenant believers-is it possible that man's traditions have caused the Word of God to lack power? If we examine the New Testament, I have to conclude this answer-Absolutely! If you recall, Jesus stated that the Pharisees accepted tradition and, therefore, had rejected God's Word. The New International Version says it this way:

"Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down..." (Mark 7:13.

I believe it is safe to conclude from this passage that the Pharisees’ tradition "dis-empowered" and actually caused it to be "ineffective." One might even say that tradition neutralizes God's word in his/her lives. This does not, by any means, mean that the Word of God is not true! What I am saying is this - tradition robs the Word of God from being effective in our lives. Even though the Pharisees believed that they were serving God to the letter of absolute perfection; their traditions nullified God's Word.

When we think about tradition, many of us visualize those in denominations who are "stuck" in old patterns and belief systems. Maybe we categorize those who are steeped in religious tradition as congregations that are ultra- conservative. However, if we stop and think a moment, there are present - day contemporary churches and ministries that have very strong traditions also. Yes, even charismatics!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Don't Be Yoked with Jezebel

Dear believer, I truly believe that we must continue to gain wisdom and understanding of the deceitful and manipulative tactics of the Jezebel spirit.  As many of you know, I have written extensively on this seductive stronghold in my books and various articles.  For the sake of this blog post I will cut to the chase and quickly expose how we can become yoked with a Jezebel spirit.

First, let's observe the word yoked.   This is a word which implies "agreement."  The Jezebel spirit desires that we agree with her many witchcraft assignments (control and manipulation) and lies. Ultimately this spirit threatens our lives with premature death just as she did to Elijah.  When battling a spirit of death, be on guard to NOT come into agreement with it!  

Jezebel is Seductive!
Keep in mind how seductive a Jezebel spirit will lie to us and suggest that we have no hope and soon we will begin to confess a death wish.  Remember, when Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah that he believed her, and then ran off to the desert and prayed to die.  Aren't you glad God doesn't answer all our prayers?  I certainly am!  But I'll tell you the truth, I've been like Elijah at times and confessed "this is too hard,"  "I can't do this anymore,"  "Lord, just take me home, I'm not doing anyone any good!"  Maybe you can relate.

To agree with the enemy will yoke you with the enemy!  Yes, we will be bound up and chained with his lies and many deceptions.  In my recent book,  The Jezebel Yoke;  Breaking Free from Bondage and Deception,  I provide a "test" which is a check-list to determine whether or not someone is yoked with a Jezebel spirit. Let me ask you do you relate to any of these symptoms which point to someone being yoked with this evil stronghold?
  • Patterns of desolation, barrenness, lack of fulfillment and/or hopelessness
  • Patterns of fear, terror and anxiety attacks?
  • Addictions and/or eating disorders?
  • Insecurity and inferiority?
  • Extreme jealousy and competition?
  •  Chronic dissatisfaction
  • Performance oriented
  • Perfectionism
If you can relate to any of the above, it's quite possible you are yoked with a Jezebel spirit.
Dear one, I want you completely free!  So, allow me to pray for you and break off this yoke from the enemy and then you are free to be yoked with the mantle of authority from the Lord.  If you want more information on this spirit, you may order my book from our  bookstore at (click above). I highly recommend reading this book as it will empower you to slip out of many different yokes from a Jezebel spirit. (I go into detail on the manifestations of desolation, death, sickness and disease, sin, legalism, idolatry, and more!)

My prayer for you:
Father, in the name of Jesus I take authority over every Jezebel spirit that lies, seduces and oppresses Your children. I especially bind up all premature death assignments in the name of Jesus!   I declare complete freedom!  Thank You for empowering this reader to slip out of the yoke of oppression, depression, sin and slavery in the mighty name of Your Son!  You , oh Lord, are our Rock.  We choose to be yoked only to You and Your Word.  Thank You, Lord, for being a merciful God.  Now, Lord, mantle each reader with a new level of spiritual authority.  I thank You for their being powerfully anointed to fulfill divine destiny and promote Your Kingdom.  Amen!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Are you Bewitched?

Are you bewitched? 

Some of you reading this blog remember Elizabeth Montgomery playing in the television show "Bewitched."  (Goodness I'm telling my age!) ( Actually I think there are re-runs to watch today).  And later there was a movie-take off of the program. However, being "bewitched" is REAL!

Allow me to explain.Being bewitched is not simply the name of a recent movie or television program.  And again, the programs were a Hollywood take on witchcraft.  It's always amazing to me how we so easily compromise our religious standards and embrace the wickedness of the enemy. Witchcraft is real, but our view of its seductiveness is deluded.  
  Dear believers, we must be on guard concerning the wiles of the enemy.  I wrote an entire blog of the wiles of Satan so you may desire to view the recent archives and read the article for greater understanding.  But for now, let me just say that to be bewitched is actually mentioned in the Word of God.

Apostle Paul addressed the Galatians concerning them being  bewitched.  In Galatians 3:1-3 it reads:   "You foolish Galatians!  Who has  bewitched you?  Before your very eyes Jesus Christ we clearly portrayed as crucified.  I would like to learn just one thing from you:  Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard?  Are you so foolish?  After beginning with the Spirit, are you trying to attain your goal by human effort? (emphasis added).  Did you notice the italicized word  bewitched ?    Believer, Apostle Paul was pointing out to the Galatians that Satan was attempting to negate the finished work of the cross with a spirit of witchcraft!

Allow me to quote from my previous book,  Letting God of Limitations; Experiencing God's Transforming Power  (click on store to order):
     'The Galatians had started out in the Spirit, as they were saved, filled with the Spirit and continually witnessed the miraculous.  But now witchcraft had influenced them to follow unbiblical rules and norms, and they had given in to carnality.  All of this caused them to lose sight of God's supernatural power. 
     A study of the word  bewitched can give us a clear picture of how the enemy desires for us to feel that we can take credit for our righteousness.  In fact, the message o9f our being righteous  only because of the blood and  not  because of what we do was the very stumbling block over which the Pharisees tripped.
     Being bewitched refers to "being out of one's mind, astonished or overwhelmed with wonder."   Another use of being bewitched means to "fascinate by false representation.  It is closely linked to  divination and  sorcery.   It is safe to say that  legalism opens the door to the occult.'(pg 90).

What does this mean for us today?
As I write this we are close to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  The Cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is our focus.  Yet, it's important to realize that Satan will  always try to belittle what was accomplished at the Cross. Jesus paid the price for our ultimate freedom- freedom from the Law, freedom from all religious performance, freedom from sin, etc.

 We must remember that we are no longer under the Law and religious performance.  In other words, we do not have to perform for God, act and be religious through deeds, nor feel that if we are not holy enough God will reject us!  To believe this is to allow ourselves to be bewitched into believing that we must abide by rules, rituals and religious laws.  Even religious mindsets can hinder our freedom that we have in Christ!  If we continue to believe that we are holy only because we are fulfilling religious obligations and fulfilling religious expectations and man-made doctrines we will witness a watering-down of supernatural power! And we will reap the negative effects of witchcraft which is confusion, performance, exhaustion, sickness and disease, and much more.  As Christians, let's now  be determined to not be bewitched by false doctrine, religious performance and religious tradition and walk in the freedom that Christ died on the Cross to provide for us!

Be empowered today, by His Spirit, to embrace all that was accomplished at the Cross!  We are no longer under the Law of religious performance and doctrines of man.  We are free indeed!I encourage you to read my book  Letting Go of Your Limitations so that you can break out of religious bondage and experience God's transforming power!



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wrestling for the Glory

Dear Believer, I believe that 2016 will be a tremendous year of breakthrough, increase and blessing.  As I write this blog, I am quite aware of the Stock Market, the economists, and what the world system says to expect this year.  But the economy is not my God.  Wall Street does not negate all that God says about me.  And, I will not bow my knee to fear concerning money.  The enemy uses fear to control and manipulate God's children, and if you have listened carefully to many people you hear FEAR in their voices.  However, I believe God is divinely positioning believers for breakthrough.  Are you ready for the download about this revelation?  I just know you are!  Keep reading!

Jacob and the Download

I just wrote an article for Elijah List (you may wish to look for it soon) concerning the Word of the Lord for 2016.  The article is entitled "From Wrestling to Blessing.")  For the sake of this blog I will not go into full detail concerning all that Jacob witnessed before, during and after he wrestled with the Angel of the Lord ( or God in man form).  What I want you to understand is that God told him to "go back" to his homeland.  Jacob was extremely fearful of Esau- in fact he feared for his life.  One night he took his wives, grandchildren, servants and livestock and left them on the other side of the stream known as Jabbok which was a tributary of the Jordan River.  Interestingly the Hebrew word  Jabbok translates as a "pouring forth."  He was in the territory known as the "Trans-Jordan" which  means "descending" or "flowing down." (Or like a download!) So Jacob was in a territory where , I believe, God wanted to download His glory to him!  You see, Jacob had spent years accumulating stuff- wives, livestock, wealth and yet he had now taken them and left them on the other side of the brook!  He was left alone with nothing.  Yet, God had something He desired to download to Jacob- His glory and His blessing!

Jacob was also in a territory known as Mahanaim which basically means "two camps."  (Gen 31:52 NIV) Bottom line (and I encourage you to read this complete article on Elisha List or join our mailing list and we will get it to you) Jacob was between two camps.  He was between the camp of faith (believing what God said about him and his future) and the camp of fear.  Aren't we also in the same place as Jacob?  God has lead us, we have tried desperately to follow.  Yet, we come to a place in the road where we are fearful for our stuff...and our lives!  Do we trust and believe God or a lie from our enemy?

Jacob Wrestled- and the Glory Came Down!

We know that Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord.  But listen, isn't a wrestling match organized by different "weights?"  I am not an expert on this but I believe there are light-weight, middle-weight, and heavy-weight competitions.  (And even more I understand)  Think about this Jacob was definitely a light-weight guy but wrestling with a heavy-weight!  Pay attention, this is important.  The translation for "glory" involves a "weightiness."  So think about it, all during the wrestling match God not only wanted to bless Jacob, He wanted to release a download of His glory to Jacob! He desired to release a mantle of glory to him that would show forth the glory of the lord.  Jacob realized that he could no longer achieve the blessing in his own strength, but in the strength of the Lord.  God was now Jacob's strength. Jacob would no longer be a deceiver and a taker.  Now, he had a download and a flowing down of God's glory so that Jacob could now become someone that would release an outflow! Dear ones, we are being positioned to do the very same- experience the blessings but also become a source of the outflow of God's goodness and His glory!  We just have to be determined like Jacob- to hang on, endure, and press through until we fully receive our blessing!  No, we can't quit, throw in the towel, and give up!  We must wrestle with our circumstances until we overcome!  And we will!

I know you've been like me.  We have all wrestled with our past, our past fears and our past failures.  But God has brought us each to this place where He wants to release a blessing.  We must choose to trust HIM and not man or the economy.  We are between two camps- will you choose God and His Word?  If you will, then the download is on its way!  
Aren't you excited about this year?
I surely am!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Know the Wiles of Your Enemy! Part Two

Satan is a deceiver.  We all know that.  But how does he do it?  In the last blog I discussed the "wiles" of the enemy.  If you haven't read Part 1, I highly suggest you stop reading this, and go back and read it first because I lay a firm foundation concerning Satan's methods of attack.  For the sake of this current blog, we will discuss deception and how the enemy uses deception to defeat Christians.
Revelation 12:9 says that Satan deceived the entire world!  Yikes!  If he does that, we need to be forewarned that he is on the prowl NOW to deceive you and me.  If you think about the word "deception" we easily picture someone ( like ourselves!) believing that a lie is to be the truth.  Someone who is deceived is convinced that right is wrong and therefore wrong is right.  If Satan can convince us that God is a liar, that He will not watch over His Word and perform it, and that God cannot be trusted...then we have been deceived! 
Demons are constantly at work attempting to cause us to believe that God is a liar and cannot be trusted.  If we believe his lies, then we can conclude why unbelief structures are erected in our lives, over our businesses, families, churches, etc.  Satan perverts God's Word.  We must be on guard!  We must be determined to believe ONLY what God says and not be seduced by Satan's "wiles" to cause us to believe otherwise. 
Test the Spirits
We must learn to test the spirits that speak out of a man or a devil.  Believe me, there are many ministers that do not believe that God heals today.  But He does!  He states in His Word that He is our Healer!   How do we do test the spirits?  Well, we test by using the Word of God.   1 John 4:1 states, " Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."
Many preachers and teachers are falsely prophesying.  Precious believer, if someone is teaching that God does not heal, bless, and restore His children,  then that teacher is falsely prophesying.  I believe that many of God's teachers have been deceived by the enemy.  We need to pray that their eyes be opened to God's truths.  We need not condemn  or judge them, but rather pray for them.  For us, we need to simply continue to test the spirits and align ourselves completely with God's Word. 
Our enemy will attempt to deceive us and tell us that God is to blame for our sickness.    But God does not put sickness and disease on His children.  He does not put sickness on us to teach us a lesson.  Our God is a good God.  He is our Healer.  He is our Deliverer!  He is our Provider! 
Dear believer, let's clothe ourselves today with God's full armor and live in the victory that has been provided for us at the Cross!  Believe and agree with the Word of God.  Be healed today.  Be delivered today!  Be restored today!  Put the enemy under your feet and take every inch of your Promised Land!
I believe!!!!  I know you do also!!!