Saturday, April 12, 2014

Key to Locking Out A Python Spirit

Need a key to lock out a python spirit from your life? How about your business, family or even your ministry? Dear believers, please hear me- the python spirit is real. It's time for the Body of Christ to wake up to the reality that there really are demonic spirits that oppose us. Believe it or not, I don't enjoy overemphasizing the work of Satan. But I must admit, spiritual discernment is one of my strongest giftings- so I am choosing not to deny how God has gifted me.

We have a real enemy. In the Book of Revelation, John exposes him as an old serpent who deceives the whole world. (See Rev: 12:9). Isn't it interesting that this serpent spirit first gained entrance in the Garden of Eden? Why did he manifest as a snake? What is the significance between Satan and a serpent?

Manifestations of Serpent Spirits

There are different types of serpents just as there are different manifestations of evil spirits. When looking at serpent spirits, we have to study closely the way they operate to determine how to perform spiritual warfare to defeat them.

There are some snakes that are more venomous than others, just as there are some demonic spirits that are more powerful than other spirits.Certain snakes kill with venom- yet the python is different. The python is unique as it lies in wait for an opportune time to strike. Its bite is not fatal- but it's squeeze is! The python is set on seeking out one thing- our breath! It will first bite and then slowly wrap itself around its victim to squeeze the life out. Eventually it suffocates its prey and then the python has its meal!

The Symbols of the Holy Spirit

Breath, air, and wind are all symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, the enemy is attempting to destroy the different manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life. The python hates the breath of its prey- so does the demonic python spirit! The enemy seeks to squeeze the Holy Spirit completely out of us-our personal lives, our families, businesses and churches.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Python Spirit Opposes Your Breakthrough!

Dear Believer,

How would you describe this season in your life?  Hard? Challenging?  Maybe even "difficult"  at times?  If you have been like me, you have experienced some "difficult" times lately.  It has been prophesied that this year would be a year of breakthrough and open doors.  Yet, many of us have felt as if our faith has wavered and at times not even sure that we can finish the race! Let me encourage you right now- The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is guarding your threshold and breakthrough!  However, it is up to us to use our weapon of warfare to defeat the powers that attempt to oppose us!

Just recently The Elijah List posted one of my articles on "Crossing Over the Threshold of Open Doors."  I encourage you to read it as I believe it will encourage you.  However, for the sake of this particular blog- I wish to re-identify the spirit of python that opposes our breakthrough during this season.

Dream of a Python

Recently, I had a dream of a python snake that would wrap itself around believers as they attempted to go through open doors.  Of course, this snake was a serpent spirit, used by Satan to hinder us.
  This evil spirit would attempt to weaken it's victim by squeezing the life and breath out of it's body.  This spirit caused much fear, anxiety and weakness (both spiritual and physical), as it would attempt to hold onto us and put the "squeeze" on us!  The main attempt was to keep us from moving past our past and experiencing God's fullness.  
 Believer- listen up- the enemy does not want you to believe God for your breakthrough.  He desires to weaken your faith by creating circumstances in you life that are completely opposite of what God has promised you. Allow me to assure you of this important point-  your land of promise, your open door, awaits your arrival and crossing over, but the enemy does not like the fact that you are at a threshold of great, great breakthrough.

More on The Python Spirit
            In Greek, the term used for divination and witchcraft is "python." It is connected to a word meaning "to twist."  A python is a large and muscular snake that will "twist" itself around its prey and kill it by squeezing or constricting until it suffocates. This spirit squeezes life out of hope, breakthroughs, finances, passion,  and lives.  It 'constricts' us to the point that we are unable to move forward into our future.  As it constricts us, we will feel many restraints which attempt to contain us in old patterns. 

How to Battle the Python

Of course, we need to bind this spirit and make him loose his ungodly hold upon us.  But there's more.  In my last blog post I discussed "passion."  Well, the spirit of python will also squeeze out every bit of passion you have for the Lord!  If you have lost passion, maybe you're battling a python spirit!  And when python is defeated our passion for God returns.  Is it any wonder that python wants to keep us from going through God's open doors?  Think about it- abundance awaits us on the other side of the threshold.  That means we also have MORE power over the enemy when we cross over.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What is Your Normal Spiritual Temperature?

Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees.  But what is a normal spiritual temperature?  And, do we desire to just remain "normal" in our walk with the Lord?  Allow me to ask you a question:  What's your spiritual thermometer registering?  Could you give testimony that you are passionately pursuing His presence?  I have to admit, I've been so busy with "stuff," that I don't seem to stop enough to just rest in His presence.  Yet, I am completely knowledgeable concerning this fact:  if I don't spend time with God, my passion falters.  And passion, my precious friend, is what keeps us spiritually sharpened!

Return to Our First Love
Have you ever been in love?  If you have, then you remember the passion.  Passion and love just go together.  It's really that simple.  However, when it comes to whether or not we have lost passion for God,  we must first consider whether or not we have truly placed our love for Him as our  first priority.  Maybe it's time to return to our first love.

So how do we get off track in our passion?  Let me be blunt- are we in love with the satisfaction we feel when we succeed in our godly assignments or are we pursuing those godly assignments because we love Him?  The two motivations are worlds apart. 

 Let me share something from my own personal experience. I have realized that I lose passion for God whenever  I am worn out!  Yes, it's possible to experience "burn out" as we are actively responding to His call.  Whether we are ministers in the marketplace or ministers in a church pulpit- we all have a godly assignment to fulfill. The fuel that will keep our tanks full is-bottom line-passion.
And passion is derived from love.

The Church in Ephesus
In Rev. 2:1-4 we read where Jesus addresses the church in Ephesus.  He acknowledges the fact that they had been very busy....laboring...(v.2) and yet in the midst of all their religious activity they had forsaken their first love.  (Meaning their passion for God was gone!).  As we continue to read we find that it was very important to God that they repent and change.  Repentance does not mean that we make things right with God because He is angry with us!  Nor is He waiting with a big stick to smack us because we are bad!  No way!  Repentance basically means "change the way you think." And, repentance is not all about "turning away" from something as much as it is to "torn toward" something.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Courage to Demonstrate the Supernatural

Discouraged because you aren't experiencing the supernatural?  Take a minute and picture yourself praying for someone who is lame and suddenly he/she begins leaping and jumping!  Let's think of another scenario.  Imagine yourself receiving a phone call from a child asking for you to pray for "Mommy" who was just diagnosed with cancer.  You begin to pray..."Lord, heal this child's mother.  I pray for you to touch her body and I curse cancer  to its roots and command all cancer to leave her body." You hang up the phone with great faith, believing that God is answering your prayer.
 One week later you receive another phone call from "Mommy." She is weeping as she speaks.  "Thank you so much for praying for me!" she said, "The doctor did another sonogram and the cancerous tumor is completely gone! My daughter told me that she phoned you and that you prayed for a miracle.  Thank you! Thank you so much!"

Courage  for the Supernatural

Believer, let's review what Jesus commissioned us to do.  He has commissioned believers to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead and to preach the gospel. (see Matthew 10:7). Problem is- do we have the courage to step out with faith and pray for others and witness the supernatural? I believe courage will arise whenever we truly understand the importance of signs and wonders.  Power comes when we trust in the power of God and not the wisdom of man.  I have written several blogs that discuss the fact that doctrines of man and the traditions of man rob us of demonstrating God's power on earth.(Read some of my previous blogs for more on those subjects).

Things beyond our understanding and our control are released through our obedience.  Knowing our commission from heaven will empower us with greater faith.  God has given us all we need to step out in faith and demonstrate His raw power on this earth. He has designed the Church to be a living expression of Heaven.  We are wired to have a continuous flow of supernatural action.  Every believer has the privilege of being a part of someone's miracle or someone's impossibility.

My Mother's Miracle

Over twenty-five years ago my mother received a diagnosis of lung cancer.  The doctors said that 1/3 of both lungs would need to be removed and then she would need several treatments of chemotherapy.  Mother said "I am not going to have chemotherapy!"  My sister and I both agreed and said "And no, you are not going to need surgery either!" The doctors sent mother home for a few days and scheduled her for another biopsy before her surgery.  When she went home my sister and I prayed that the Lord would uproot the cancerous tumor in her lungs.  We prayed for a divine touch from the Lord.  It wasn't a long, religious-type of prayer- it was a prayer of simple, child-like faith.  A few days later my mother went back to the hospital for a lung biopsy.  During the biopsy my mother coughed up the entire cancerous tumor!  And, even more amazingly, the doctor said that fresh pink skin immediately covered the damaged skin where the tumor once was!  The doctor was amazed.  He said "I have witnessed a miracle.  The tumor in her lung is completely uprooted!"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Evil Enemy that Opposes Faith: Establishing a Culture of Faith Part Two.

Not experiencing the supernatural?  Do you agree with me that it's time for the raw power of God to be demonstrated and realized?   Precious friend, it's our season to witness the miraculous.

I truly believe God desires to give us dynamic faith. I have spent time to write you because I desire to alert you to the enemies of your faith.  I discussed this to great length in my recent post "How to Identity and Defeat the Enemies that Oppose the Supernatural."  But I want to take this post one step further and focus on the enemy of unbelief. 

Hebrews 3:12 says "Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God." Unbelief definitely opposes faith.  And, as most of you know, without faith it's impossible to please God. (see Hebrews 11:6).  For years all I could focus on was the assumption that God was mad (unpleased) with me if I didn't have enough faith to access my miracle.  Rather that trust Him in the midst of crisis and run to Him for grace I would back away, filled with shame, because I believed I wasn't able to dig deep within myself to have great faith.  More and more condemnation piled upon me.  Soon I was overburdened with guilt and shame and even more self-centeredness- focusing on my weaknesses rather than my being more than a conqueror- as the Word states!  Maybe you can relate.

All this did was cause more and more unbelief.  Why?  Because I focused on me and my ability to conjure up more faith.  Which I couldn't!  The reason is now clear to me.  Allow me to encourage you with what I learned in this process.  We have already accessed faith.  Yes!  When you received Christ you did so in faith!  Your spirit man is perfected, holy and righteous because of the finished work at the cross.  However, we still need our minds renewed concerning the truths of God.  As we learn more truth our faith increases.  However, it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us, right?  So, as the Holy Spirit leads we gain more knowledge and grow in truth and faith.  We can't  make faith be our own strength I mean.  Believer, I so pray you are getting this.  If you do, it will set you free!

When we study the passage closely concerning "...without faith it is impossible to  please  God..." a careful Greek study reveals that the word pleased means basically that God is entirely gratified because we are fully agreeable (with His Word!).  Yes!  He is pleased when we have faith to simply  agree with His Word.  I know that it is a battle to convince ourselves that God really desires to bless us, heal us, prosper us (and more!), but we are releasing faith when we simply agree with what He has promised.  Wow! 

Unbelief is an evil enemy.  Unbelief is connected to our not being in agreement with all that the Word says about each of us having provision, healing, etc.  The voice of unbelief negates all of God's promises.  Again, Hebrews 3:12  makes note of ..."an evil heart of unbelief ..."  This is not saying that we are evil if we don't have faith.  God will not condemn us by calling His precious children "evil hearted!"  No way.   This passage is saying unbelief, not agreeing with God, causes evil plans of the enemy to take root and rob us of experiencing the supernatural.  In fact, I love how The Message Bible says it: "So watch your step, friends. Make sure there's no evil unbelief lying around that will trip you up and throw you off course, diverting you from the living God. "

So you see, unbelief is evil.  It is connected to a wicked spirit that uses human reasoning to oppose God's Word.  (Please read my previous blogs about human reasoning and other enemies that oppose the supernatural for more information on this subject).  At its root, unbelief is a choice.  Choose to believe rather than doubt!  Choose faith rather than unbelief!

Be encouraged today to agree with God.  His Word is truth and light.  Jesus, Himself is Truth...He is the Word.  God's Truth is the very highest level of reality

Let's establish a culture of faith for the supernatural...NOW!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Part One: Establishing a Culture of Faith for the Supernatural


     As I have been previously posting, believers are hungry to experience the supernatural power of God.  Yet, and please allow me to be honest, many have looked for power in all the wrong places!
In my last post, I discussed how we can easily depend upon religious works, resort to comfort zones and control issues, and therefore open doors to witchcraft and the voice of the enemy.  Without the revelation of what Jesus did at the cross, it would be easy for each of us to believe that we can actually access the supernatural manifestation of God due to our own acts of righteousness.  To believe that we are righteous because of what we "do" for Christ rather than "who we are"  in Christ will ensnare us into endless wilderness journeys and lack of  God's supernatural power.
Power in the Blood of Jesus

It has been my belief for a while now that it is time for the church to once again preach more messages about the cross and the power in the blood of Jesus.  I have been on a five year journey discovering the truths concerning these topics.  In fact, I recently wrote a book,  The Power in the Blood,  (read more about its contents by clicking on my "book" tab) that I believe will empower each of you in this season. In this book,  I wrote specifically about the necessity to baptize your land of promise with the blood of Jesus.   What do I mean by that?  Well, for instance, when Noah left the ark after the flood, the first thing he did was offer a sacrifice unto the Lord and as he did that he actually baptized the land with blood.  This was type and shadow of the sacrificial shedding of Jesus blood for our salvation.  Yes, when He died for us, he actually shed His precious blood to baptize us into our eternal purposes with in Him!

I have written many previous blogs that discuss the fullness of what the word "sozo" means.   Salvation is the Greek word  sozo which translates not only salvation but also prosperity, healing, protection and all that heaven has to offer us!  Dear believer, it is so important for each of us to plead the blood of Jesus over our promises (which is our Promised Land) because there is power in the blood!

The Occult, Witchcraft, and the Antichrist Spirit

Witchcraft is a perversion (and counterfeit) of God's supernatural power.  Many believers are completely taken back whenever they realize that legalism and religious works opens the door to the occultic roots of witchcraft.  Again, I urge you to read some of my previous blogs as I discuss the fact that "religion"  and "legalism" robs the church of its power.  2 Timothy 5 describes how many prideful people will have a "form of religion" or "religious piety" but deny the power of God.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Identifying the False Voice of the Enemy

Dear Believer, it's time for us to believe for God's power to manifest.  I know you will agree with me!  Just last week while I was in Sanford, Florida at Glory Fire Church ( miracles occurred again!    People with joint problems were healed. Pain was healed.  Deliverance from demonic oppression occurred.  It was a powerful service! I am so thrilled God is absolutely showing up in every way imaginable!

Delving into a Greek word study, we find that the word for  power, especially in the book of Acts,  is "dunamis."  This Greek word  refers to a type of miraculous power, ability, strength...and a power in action!  Wow!  Think about the raw power of God in action-it's totally awesome!

 Bottom line is this- dunamis is the  miraculous and supernatural power of God. In fact, the English words "dynamite" and "dynamic" are derived from the word "dunamis."Think about what dynamite does-  it's a raw form of power, exploding power-right?  Well, God's power is also an explosive form of His dynamic abilities  to perform the supernatural (signs, wonders and miracles). Beloved, God and His goodness desires to explode in our lives-releasing the supernatural power of God in every way!

We have the ability to move in God's supernatural power.  In fact, Mark 16:20 says " And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the Word through accompanying signs."    These signs which accompanied the disciples were the signs of dunamis power of the Father upon His beloved children.  The power of God is intrinsically tied to His Word.  In the book of Acts, alone, there is a testimony in each of its twenty-eight chapters.

The Devil Offers Substitutes for God's Power
I have written much on the demonic realms of "witchcraft."  In my books,  Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord,  and  The Jezebel Yoke,  I discuss the different types of occult activity which the enemy uses to oppress believers and oppose the supernatural power of God. The occult "hides" revelation...yet revelation reveals what has been hidden.  However, we need to seriously consider the fact that witchcraft is a substitute for God's power and that the enemy desires to keep revelation hidden from us.  How will he do that?  By causing us to focus more on religious performance, strict adherence to doctrines of man and rules.  Read on- dunamis power awaits you as revelation is revealed to you right now!