Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wrestling for the Glory

Dear Believer, I believe that 2016 will be a tremendous year of breakthrough, increase and blessing.  As I write this blog, I am quite aware of the Stock Market, the economists, and what the world system says to expect this year.  But the economy is not my God.  Wall Street does not negate all that God says about me.  And, I will not bow my knee to fear concerning money.  The enemy uses fear to control and manipulate God's children, and if you have listened carefully to many people you hear FEAR in their voices.  However, I believe God is divinely positioning believers for breakthrough.  Are you ready for the download about this revelation?  I just know you are!  Keep reading!

Jacob and the Download

I just wrote an article for Elijah List (you may wish to look for it soon) concerning the Word of the Lord for 2016.  The article is entitled "From Wrestling to Blessing.")  For the sake of this blog I will not go into full detail concerning all that Jacob witnessed before, during and after he wrestled with the Angel of the Lord ( or God in man form).  What I want you to understand is that God told him to "go back" to his homeland.  Jacob was extremely fearful of Esau- in fact he feared for his life.  One night he took his wives, grandchildren, servants and livestock and left them on the other side of the stream known as Jabbok which was a tributary of the Jordan River.  Interestingly the Hebrew word  Jabbok translates as a "pouring forth."  He was in the territory known as the "Trans-Jordan" which  means "descending" or "flowing down." (Or like a download!) So Jacob was in a territory where , I believe, God wanted to download His glory to him!  You see, Jacob had spent years accumulating stuff- wives, livestock, wealth and yet he had now taken them and left them on the other side of the brook!  He was left alone with nothing.  Yet, God had something He desired to download to Jacob- His glory and His blessing!

Jacob was also in a territory known as Mahanaim which basically means "two camps."  (Gen 31:52 NIV) Bottom line (and I encourage you to read this complete article on Elisha List or join our mailing list and we will get it to you) Jacob was between two camps.  He was between the camp of faith (believing what God said about him and his future) and the camp of fear.  Aren't we also in the same place as Jacob?  God has lead us, we have tried desperately to follow.  Yet, we come to a place in the road where we are fearful for our stuff...and our lives!  Do we trust and believe God or a lie from our enemy?

Jacob Wrestled- and the Glory Came Down!

We know that Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord.  But listen, isn't a wrestling match organized by different "weights?"  I am not an expert on this but I believe there are light-weight, middle-weight, and heavy-weight competitions.  (And even more I understand)  Think about this Jacob was definitely a light-weight guy but wrestling with a heavy-weight!  Pay attention, this is important.  The translation for "glory" involves a "weightiness."  So think about it, all during the wrestling match God not only wanted to bless Jacob, He wanted to release a download of His glory to Jacob! He desired to release a mantle of glory to him that would show forth the glory of the lord.  Jacob realized that he could no longer achieve the blessing in his own strength, but in the strength of the Lord.  God was now Jacob's strength. Jacob would no longer be a deceiver and a taker.  Now, he had a download and a flowing down of God's glory so that Jacob could now become someone that would release an outflow! Dear ones, we are being positioned to do the very same- experience the blessings but also become a source of the outflow of God's goodness and His glory!  We just have to be determined like Jacob- to hang on, endure, and press through until we fully receive our blessing!  No, we can't quit, throw in the towel, and give up!  We must wrestle with our circumstances until we overcome!  And we will!

I know you've been like me.  We have all wrestled with our past, our past fears and our past failures.  But God has brought us each to this place where He wants to release a blessing.  We must choose to trust HIM and not man or the economy.  We are between two camps- will you choose God and His Word?  If you will, then the download is on its way!  
Aren't you excited about this year?
I surely am!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Know the Wiles of Your Enemy! Part Two

Satan is a deceiver.  We all know that.  But how does he do it?  In the last blog I discussed the "wiles" of the enemy.  If you haven't read Part 1, I highly suggest you stop reading this, and go back and read it first because I lay a firm foundation concerning Satan's methods of attack.  For the sake of this current blog, we will discuss deception and how the enemy uses deception to defeat Christians.
Revelation 12:9 says that Satan deceived the entire world!  Yikes!  If he does that, we need to be forewarned that he is on the prowl NOW to deceive you and me.  If you think about the word "deception" we easily picture someone ( like ourselves!) believing that a lie is to be the truth.  Someone who is deceived is convinced that right is wrong and therefore wrong is right.  If Satan can convince us that God is a liar, that He will not watch over His Word and perform it, and that God cannot be trusted...then we have been deceived! 
Demons are constantly at work attempting to cause us to believe that God is a liar and cannot be trusted.  If we believe his lies, then we can conclude why unbelief structures are erected in our lives, over our businesses, families, churches, etc.  Satan perverts God's Word.  We must be on guard!  We must be determined to believe ONLY what God says and not be seduced by Satan's "wiles" to cause us to believe otherwise. 
Test the Spirits
We must learn to test the spirits that speak out of a man or a devil.  Believe me, there are many ministers that do not believe that God heals today.  But He does!  He states in His Word that He is our Healer!   How do we do test the spirits?  Well, we test by using the Word of God.   1 John 4:1 states, " Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."
Many preachers and teachers are falsely prophesying.  Precious believer, if someone is teaching that God does not heal, bless, and restore His children,  then that teacher is falsely prophesying.  I believe that many of God's teachers have been deceived by the enemy.  We need to pray that their eyes be opened to God's truths.  We need not condemn  or judge them, but rather pray for them.  For us, we need to simply continue to test the spirits and align ourselves completely with God's Word. 
Our enemy will attempt to deceive us and tell us that God is to blame for our sickness.    But God does not put sickness and disease on His children.  He does not put sickness on us to teach us a lesson.  Our God is a good God.  He is our Healer.  He is our Deliverer!  He is our Provider! 
Dear believer, let's clothe ourselves today with God's full armor and live in the victory that has been provided for us at the Cross!  Believe and agree with the Word of God.  Be healed today.  Be delivered today!  Be restored today!  Put the enemy under your feet and take every inch of your Promised Land!
I believe!!!!  I know you do also!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Know the Wiles of Your Enemy! Part One

Covert operations.  The enemy specializes in this type of warfare.    Yes, Satan strategizes to maintain hidden and subtle forms of warfare.  In the governments of the world (in the natural) there are visible armies in warfare.  Specialized units strategize  undercover strategies executed by every single branch of the military.  It is a known factor that even special operations and certain agencies such as the CIA and the FBI operate often in covert strategies.  As I said, Satan goes to great length to remain hidden.  And if you think about it, much of what he does is hidden from our view.  We need strong spiritual discernment in times like these,don't we?  If you haven't been praying for spiritual discernment, please begin to do so.  These  are perilous times that we live in.  However, God is bigger than the enemy and we need never to forget that fact.  We don't want to give the enemy too much credit, but, to walk in victory, we must understand his strategies.  A wise general knows the strengths and weaknesses of his enemy.  For us, it is wise to know Satan's wicked "wiles" and methods.

The Wiles of Satan
2 Corinthians 2:11 exhorts us to not be ignorant of the "wiles of Satan." And Ephesians 6:11 reminds us to "...put on the whole armour of God that ye would be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." (KJV).    The word "wiles" comes from a Greek word "methodeia."  Our English word "method" also originates with the word "wiles."  Interestingly, it is derived from two specific Greek words: "meta"and "hodos."  The word "meta" means "in the midst," and the word "hodos" means "to travel over ( as in a journey) and to lie in wait." Therefore it is clear that a method of the enemy is to get us off the paths of God and lie in wait to attack us if we do!  Believers, the enemy desires to derail us, sidetrack us, steal our vision, change our route and pull us off purpose!  How does he do this?  Keep reading- there's more!

Satan uses temptation and spiritual seductions to lure us away from God's very best for our lives.  Have you ever done a thorough study on the word "temptation?"  Dear one, listen up! "Temptation" is the word "peirasmos," which means to "lure" and "solicit."  If you stop and think about it for a minute, think of how the enemy solicits us to surrender to temptation.  Keep in mind that Satan can only "tempt" us, but it is up to us to agree and submit to the temptation. 

Jesus Christ was tempted, but He did not sin.  Temptation is not sin- so be careful that you don't confuse the two.  Satan can tempt us but we can resist temptation by not allowing wrong desires to take root in our hearts and minds.  The Word teaches us that temptation is common to all of us (1 Cor 10:13)  In fact, it's important for us to pray as the Bible teaches..." Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one." (Matthew 6:13).

Satan's covert operation involves deceit, solicitation to sin, and perversion, to draw us away from God. Satan uses perversion to destroy that which is Good.  The word "perversion comes from a Hebrew word meaning " to twist" and " to make crooked."  The enemy loves to twist God's Word!  For instance, Scripture says that we are healed, yet the enemy speaks lies to us saying "you've sinned today, God won't heal you!"  Satan works covertly with his lies of deception to get us off track and draw us away from God.

Precious ones, it's time to wise up!  Let's not be deceived by the enemy.  Victory and breakthrough are ours because of what Christ accomplished at the Cross.

I'm praying for each of you.  If my blogs are empowering you, please comment below.

Part Two on "deception" will be my next blog.

God bless!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Speak to Your Mountain!

I don't know of many subjects that are important to me as freedom.  It is my hearts desire to experience it to the fullest, but I want you to experience it also!  Dear believer, freedom is a journey.  It seems to me that as we journey through life, following Christ, that we continue to encounter mountains (obstacles) that must be overcome. You will notice that most of my books and articles are written to empower you to recognize your godly identity and shift into victory!


 Mountains are mentioned over 178 times in the Word and the word mountain is mentioned 136 times.  They are places were kings and tribes hid from the enemy, they offered the high places in which sacrifices were made, tribes made their homes in the mountains because they offered a place of safe refuge, and mountains were considered as obstacles that hindered forward progress in the Spirit. When Jesus was being tempted by the devil, he was taken  to a very high mountain and offered Him the "kingdoms of this world."  The first mention in the New Testament of the word "mountain" is found in Matthew 4:8 where Satan tempted Jesus and offered Him the "kingdoms of this world" if He would bow down and worship him!  Isn't that amazing?  Jesus brought the message of the Kingdom to our world.  And Satan took Him to a high place, a mountain, (which is a place of sacrifice) and wanted Him to fall down (bow down) and worship him- which would have been idolatry!

Jesus referred to mountains as any type of obstacle that hindered healing and miracles.He even instructed His disciples to "speak to the mountain" and it would be removed.  In Matthew 17:20, the mountain was a demon which possessed a young boy, but it was also a structure of unbelief.  In Matthew 21"21, the mountain represented speaking to anything that appears as a curse in our lives, but He was also addressing an unbelief structure.

Unbelief Structures
Unfortunately, we have been taught that we often lack the faith needed to see the miraculous.  I believed for years that it was up to me...having to work up great faith...to witness my mountains being removed. However, now I know I have the "faith of God" that dwells in me!  This is a blog, not a book or a complete teaching- so I have to keep this short.  But when we do a complete Word study on the passage where Jesus spoke to the fig tree- He said basically Have the God kind of faith...or Have the Faith OF God ( not just have faith IN God.   There is a huge difference in this thinking! (For more information on "Unbelief Structures" contact lifegatechurch.org and request newest CD' s on the teachings.)

Dear ones, I want to hear testimonies of your mountains moving!  This means that you need to understand that you already have Jesus living in you which means that the same faith that got you born again is the same faith that will move that mountain!

I shake my head and marvel at how God is moving in people's lives when they understand that the same power that resurrected  Christ from the dead is alive in them!  We don't have to "conjure up" faith- it's alive in us now!

So You Still Don't Believe?

God told Zerubbabel  to speak "grace, grace to the mountain." ( See Zechariah 4:7). Zerubbabel had what seemed to the natural eye an impossible task.  Rebuilding the temple from a pile of rubbish was overwhelming to him- it would be to me!  But God reminded him about grace.  God said speak grace and then more grace.  In other words, God repeated the significance of grace.  Believers, we were saved by grace through faith- yet these two words (grace and faith) are strongly connected.  Remember when you speak to your mountain that you are also receiving the grace of God which empowers you with His supernatural power! When you speak to your mountain it is with the power of God backing you up!

So, believer, rise up and speak to that mountain!  Let the same faith that Jesus had arise in you now! let me encourage you to read through my blog posts.  I have written about many different hindrances that are mountains that attempt to oppose your breakthrough!  Know that I am praying you, dear reader!

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Lion of Judah is the Door to Freedom

The Lion of Judah is Breaking Us Out of Captivity!  He is the Door to Freedom!

I want the idea of "breaking free" to grab your heart.  It has to do that, you know, in order for there to be a lasting change and transformation.  To just "think" about breaking free from something (addiction, ungodly belief system,  frustration, anger, ungodly lifestyles...actually any hindrance!) gets us nowhere!  But, when we have written that desire on our hearts; then, something begins to take place to bring us out of captivity! 

Writing on Our Hearts

How do we do that...write our desires on our hearts?  Dear one, it's quite simple.  It is all about meditating on who we are in Him and our identity in Christ MORE than how bad we are or how unworthy we are to receive His love and forgiveness.  It's about meditating on His divine love, His goodness and that He is Who He says that He is!  When we meditate on truth, we are writing that truth on our hearts.  And, remember, out of the abundance of the HEART, we will then speak forth the truth! (see Matthew 12:34).  You see, many of us are attempting to shout down our Jericho walls, but the victory has not been written on our hearts.  We're just going through the motions.  If it were in our hearts, we would see the victory!

Yet, there's more!  You see, we've settled for so much less that God has for us.  We've been content to quote the Word...but do we  believe  it!  We won't shift into believing until the desire of the fulfillment of the Word is on our hearts.  Again, it's about spending intimate time with Him, knowing His heart about the matter and then meditating on it.  We must meditate on His Word until it becomes a part of us- in our hearts to the degree that we will not waver.

Sin and Falling Short

Mediocre discipleship will never be acceptable to bring forth change- actually, it's really not acceptable to God either.  Lukewarmness gets us nowhere- we must become committed to seeing change.  He expects more from us- after all, we're created in His divine image!  So, why do we continue to fall short? Let's just stop here...and look at what "sin" really is.  So many of us believe that God has a really BIG stick, just waiting to smack us for sinning.  But,  that is not so!  God loves us and wants His very best for each of us.  The word "sin" simply means that we fall short. I can hear you asking... Fall short of what?  Well, we fall short of our potential and God's best for our lives. 
Captivity is a place of bondage.  Believing we constantly fall short rather than seeing ourselves through the eyes of a loving Father will set us up for more failure.  Unfortunately,  we believe that He sets us up to fail rather than desiring to empower us to win.    Believer, it's time to break free from all shame and unbelief.  Unbelief can become an ungodly belief system that short-circuits our faith.  I'm referring to both our faith in God and also faith in ourselves!  God believes in us- so much so that He writes about our potential all through the Word!  He says that you are not a failure, but rather a winner!  He says that you are the head and not the tail, right?  He calls you blessed and not stressed and not a mess!  Begin to meditate on what He declares over your life and it will become written on  your heart.  Then, when you speak the Word forth, it will come forth with power!

I don't want to miss the mark either.  But, whenever I know I do, and that means I've messed up again, I run fast into His loving arms and receive grace to start again!  Every race has a beginning and an ending or finish line.  Sometimes we start over...sometimes we finish well and start a new race.  Either way, this life is a journey.  But, it is one that is meant to bring forth fruit.  You're on a journey for freedom and fruitfulness just like me.  Let's begin to examine our hearts and determine to allow the Lord to open the eyes of each of our hearts.  Then, dear ones, we are assured that transformation has begun once again!

The Lion of Judah
The Lion of Judah is roaring over you and your captivity.  Jesus, as you know, is the Lion of Judah.  He died so that you could experience heaven's very best.  Begin to meditate on all that was accomplished at the Cross.  Then, begin to praise Him for what He did!  Judah means praise.  Precious one, our victory is established through heart-felt praise!  Again, not just going through the motiions during praise, but feeling your love toward Him flow from your heart.  As you have meditated on His love, His desisre for you, your heart will begin to rejoice!  Yes, worship from your heart, dear saint, and you will begin to see mountains move! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Break the Chains of the Midianite Cycle

Have you ever been in a predicament?  I know I have.    In Judges 6:10 we see the root of a terrible predicament that Israel was in.  Actually, it was a destructive seven-year cycle.  I have written on this before, but there are some things worth mentioning again!  In fact, many of God's prophets are calling for a time of fasting, prayer and crying out to God because we are facing a possible financial crisis (according to several teachers and prophets).  I have always believed that God's children will be provided for, however if anyone is in a destructive  cycle that keeps re-occurring then you need to read this article! And/or if you want breakthrough then keep reading!

When we first  meet Gideon in Judges 6, the Midianites were plundering Israel and this had been going on for seven full years!   Each year at harvest time, the Midianites and some other tribes they were aligned with swept through Israel.  Their crops were stolen, livestock taken and their homes were destroyed.  Times were so difficult that many of the Israelites were living in caves.
     One of God's prophets sent word to disclose why this was happening again (over and over) to Israel.  The word from God was "Also, I said to you, 'I am the LORD your God; do not fear the gods of   the  Amorites, in whose land you dwell.' But you have not obeyed My voice." (Judges 6:10). 
     Israel's Patterns
     Unfortunately, Israel would obey God for a while and experience happiness and prosperity.  Then they would become disobedient, which cause them later to experience desperation.  The curse of the Midianites was one of these. 
     Gideon was hiding during harvest time, threshing wheat in a winepress, when an angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, "The LORD is with the mighty man of valor!"  Now,think about it.  Gideon was not acting mighty at the time- yet God saw Him differently.  God saw BEYOND Gideon's fear, anxiety and doubt and then prophesied Gideon into a shift!  What was the shift?  Well, after the divine visitation, Gideon torn down  the idols in his family's back yard and rebuilt the altars  of God.  Then he called warriors together and went on to lead a victorious battle against the very enemy, the Midianites, which he was previously hiding from!  The seven year curse cycle was broken! Dear ones, it can be broken off of your lives also!
     Break the Cycle
     I want to encourage you to read some of my previous blog posts concerning the Midianite curse and the enemy that steals your breakthrough and harvest. Simply scale down and read the others. You will gain even more insight if you will do so.  But for now, I want to encourage you.  It is time for you to hear the Word of the Lord concerning your future and destiny.  The enemy has attempted to attack your ability to hear the voice of God and believe for breakthrough!  Position yourself to hear again.  Spend time with God and listen to His voice.  This will cause your spirit to shift and then your faith will arise to defeat the destructive cycle of the Midianite curse that devours harvest. 
     Secondly, examine your heart concerning idolatry.  I have written numerous books on spiritual idolatry.  The Jezebel Yoke is one that I recommend as well as Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord.  Both of those books target issues of idolatry and empower readers to cycle out from its evil grip.  (Click on books for an explanation of the books and/or go to lifegatechurch.org to order). 
     Believer, I know it is your season of breakthrough.  Do not allow the threat of lack intimidate you from pressing into God and believing for your mountain to be removed!



Thursday, August 13, 2015

How the Enemy Uses Fear to Defeat Us

Do you realize that fear can paralyze a believer?  Paralyze?  You might be thinking that I chose a strong word to describe fear.  However, it's true...alarmingly true...and the devil knows it!
Fear is actually a magnet that draws demonic activity to us!  In Job 3:25 we read these words: "For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me."  Now, most of us know the hardships that Job endured, yet still overcame due to his faith in God.  However, what Job realized is something we must take serious note of...what we "fear" can open the door to the enemy to attack us in one way or another!

Spiritual Paralyzation
I have personally experienced the paralyzation of fear.  To have a spiritual form of paralysis means that we are helpless to act, have an inability to act or move, or that we have stopped.  Do any of those words describe you today?  Do you feel stuck?  If so, is it due to fear?  Let me ask you this- do you feel helpless?  Well, it may be due to fear.  Let me explain more.

It is my experience that spirits of timidity and cowardice attack me whenever I am on the threshold of breaking forth into a time of enlargement or increase.  The spirit of fear works with these other spirits to paralyze us from moving forward as God directs. 

There are many different forms of fear.  I can't address them all in this blog post, however, we will look at a few. 

The Fear of the Unknown
Many of us say that we like change...but do we?  I believe we want other people to change...but whenever we are faced with new territory it can be frightening!  For instance, if we have a new job we will also have a new boss, new co-workers, and NEW EXPECTATIONS from others.  Ugh!  Your fear of rejection might be showing right now!  Of your fear of not measuring up could be on the rise with a new employment opportunity. 

Dear one, at every place of enlargement you will enter through a new gate!  Every new gate is a new beginning and an opportunity to grow and experience God's blessings!  So, of course, the enemy will hit you hard with fear!

Python is at the Threshold/Gate

I have written extensively on the spirit of python which is at the threshold of enlargement.  Please take some time and read through some of my previous posts concerning this hindering evil stronghold.  You will read that the python spirit is connected to witchcraft and how this spirit will attempt to wrap itself around you and squeeze the life and breath out of you to keep you from entering into your new place of blessing!  To many Christians, just the fear of being targeted by a spirit as this will keep them from pressing into all that God has for them.  The result will be to remain in a "comfort zone."  Believer, God does not desire us to remain in a "comfort zone,"  He desires we enter into a "confronting zone!"  We are not to fear the devil- we are made in His image and equipped to DEFEAT the devil! 

Here is a proper response the the enemy- every enemy- and not just python:  "For I hear the slander of many; fear is on every side; while they take counsel together against me, they scheme to take away my life.  But as for me, I trust in You, O LORD,  I say, 'You are my God.'  My times are in your hand; deliver me from the hand of my enemies, and from those who persecute me." (Ps 31:13-15)

Fear of the Future
We just touched on leaving the comfort zone.  And, actually, this is strongly connected to a fear of the future.  We need not fear about tomorrow...being fretful over tomorrow will only deflate our faith and exhaust our energy!  I love what Jeremiah 29:11 says:  "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

That previous passage will be your true NORTH as you navigate through the storms of life- especially when the enemy hits you with fear.  I have written many different books and shared my addictions, fears and issues of life.  There is one constant I have learned and it is this...He is in control of my future...I trust Him...therefore I trust Him to watch over  my future.

Believer, don't allow fear to block you from crossing your threshold!!! It's crossing over time!

I stand with you and believe that you experience God's very best!
Sandie Freed