Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ugh! Jezebel Again?

There she was again.  Standing right beside me with her arm around me attempting to give me a squeeze.  I was on alert that day, because I had a dream the night before of a storm coming my way and in that storm was a Jezebel spirit targeting  me.
Once I scooted out of that trap she stood in front of me and began telling me (again) how anointed I was.  I looked her straight in the eyes thinking that false spirit of flattery might have to shut her eyes...or roll completely back into her head due to lying!  But instead, she got more determined to tell me how  wonderful I was and that she was entirely  committed to serving us in the ministry.  (Those words were words from a Jezebel spirit...not mine).  I thought to myself,  Here we go again, Jezzie. You are trying to control me once again.  This time, I'm NOT buying into your flattering words just so you can attempt to manipulate me! 
Hold Your Ground!
 I held my ground that day, but over the next few days I began to feel guilty for "judging" this person.  So, guess what I did....I reached out to her and opened my heart once again.  It only took a short time for this spirit to try to move in quickly to gain an entrance into "speaking into my life."  I was way too familiar with this spirit's tactics....and once a few sentences rolled off her tongue I had the spirit pegged once again.  The words were similar to this:"Oh, Pastor Sandie.  I can't understand why  everybody doesn't come to your church.  You're so wonderful."  Then there was something said like " I just know you are the one who recognized  my anointing and gifting and that I'm called to be a senior leader also."  My heart sank.  I had really desired to mentor this precious saint, yet the seducing spirit of Jezebel was attempting to prevail against her  and me!

Believer, you just read what I have experienced many times as a pastor and senior leader in the Body of Christ.  I am very prophetically gifted, as most of you know, and our church in Hurst, Texas, is trained in the supernatural gifting (especially in the prophetic ministry).  Let me be blunt- the Jezebel spirit is always attracted to the prophetic ministry and ministers.  Think about it- Elijah was an awesome prophet and remember who threatened to kill him?  Yep.  Jezebel!  And her words were so powerful that it caused Elijah to take off running to the desert fearing for his life! 

Jezebel's Words Cause Discouragement

Have you been discouraged lately?  If so, let me ask you a question.  Whose words are you listening to?  Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah and it says in Scripture that Elijah actually "saw that" which Jezzie  wanted to do!  Yes, he saw himself slain by Jezebel!  Dear one, Jezebel flows in a spirit of false prophecy.  Yes!  Jezebel was falsely prophesying Elijah's destruction.  Her words were like witchcraft and actually controlled Elijah's responses, robbed him of faith and even caused vain imaginations. Jezebel's witchcraft words of discouragement caused him to lose courage!

Then, it moves differently. Many times I have observed how this evil  spirit seductively moves in false flattery in order to get close to us.  Remember when Jehu showed up to destroy her she painted her face and eyes, fixed her hair and began to flatter Jehu asking if he had come in peace?  (See 2 Kings 9:30).  Jezebel knew very well that Jehu had NOT come in peace, but she appealed to his mercy with false flattery.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Unlock Your Destiny

Are you ready to discover a valuable key that will unlock your destiny?  Are you excited that God desires that we each discover something that has the potential to completely change your life...for the better?  Dear believer, this thought will launch you forth in fulfilling destiny;  right believing results in right living !  It's such a simple statement...but it is true and packed with power!  We've been in a spiritual "lock-down" for far too long.  Why?  And how did it get this way?  What have we allowed in our belief systems and thoughts have allowed the enemy to erect strongholds that attempt to block our future? 
It wasn't until I came to the end of myself, being tired, frustrated, and having no vision, that I realized that I was allowing circumstances and past failures to dictate my future.  Shame and fear of failure were continual reminders of dreams that seemed dead, vision that no longer existed and little or no passion to propel me forward. What was the root of my issue?  A faulty belief system. Allow me to explain a bit.
Faulty Belief Systems
Many of us are in the same boat as I was concerning faulty  belief systems.  All too often we build upon  selfish desires and religious mindsets rather than being led by the Holy Spirit.  He is the author and finisher of our faith and the Master Architect of our lives!  Why then, do we not trust Him and relinquish control?  When I came to the end of Sandie Freed I realized that I had removed Him from being the architect that molded and shaped me and my life.  Maybe you have dome the same and came to the realization that we were not created to be the Creator!
It has always been important for me to be successful.  I don't believe that I am isolated in this desire.  However, true success lies in fulfilling our godly assignments and not necessarily gauged by what the world deems successful.  It has taken me almost three decades to understand this.  I hope that I can help you find that place of  resting in God as I have been experiencing.  Jesus Christ  is our Land of Rest!    Faulty belief systems say "I have to work hard for God to prove my value."  No, the Lord desires relationship and not performance.  The Old Covenant demands religious performance, the New Covenant is based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ.  The New Covenant is not about religion, it is all about relationship with God. 

Living Free of Religion
We are in a season where there is fresh revelation concerning renewing our passion for God and pursuing His presence.  Again, there is a need for us to begin to focus on our relationship with our God.  Unfortunately, relationship has been based upon humanity adhering to rituals, erroneous traditions, religious mindsets and rules all in the name of "religion."  However, in all of this, we have accepted a "form of religion," but not experienced the raw power of God.  These forms of religion have become mere substitutes for relationship with God. 
Are you ready to let go of all that hinders you from achieving destiny?  I pray so!  I have written an entire book Faith After Failure, Reconnecting with Destiny, (Click on books on this site to preview and/or go to to order)/  Many of us are fearful that we have messed up too badly for God to still use us to demonstrate His glory and Kingdom on earth.  Not so!  He is always pursuing us and desires to empower us to fulfill destiny and purpose. 
A faulty belief system teaches that you're not worthy, not good-enough, not holy enough....just plain not enough....for God to bless you and use you.  Again, this is not so!  It is a lie.  Allow me to show you how to reconnect your faith with God's faith in you!  As you read this book, I know you will be transformed and healed of the pain of your past.  You will receive  revelation concerning being free...and even indeed!
God bless you as you pursue divine destiny!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Knowing How the Enemy Operates

Ever seen a wrestling match?  My high school had a wrestling team, and though it was never one of my favorite sports, I attended a few matches.   I didn't completely understand the rules,  yet it was clear that most of the opponents efforts were consumed with pinning each other down so that they could no longer move.  Apostle Paul compared our spiritual warfare to times that we actually  wrestled with the enemy:
" Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
  For we  wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against  principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." ((Eph 4:11-12 with emphasis).
Yes, we are in a wrestling match with the devil!  And he is attempting to pin us down and render us helpless.  The battle Apostle Paul was describing was actually a brutal one which involved face-to-face combat.  In those days, the loser in these matches had their eyes gouged out and that 's why Apostle Paul was basically encouraging the Ephesians to understand what they were up against.
Know How the Enemy Operates
We must know how our opponent operates and also know what we need to do in order to win our spiritual battles.  Precious saint, we are fighting a spiritual battle with a  crafty  opponent  In the garden, Satan is described as  both  subtle and crafty. (See Genesis 3:1) (AMP).  This means that the devils is extremely cunning and sly with his many tricks and seductions.  Wrestling with an opponent as this means he will cheat, trick us, and catch us off guard to win!  We must remain diligent and on guard whenever we are in a spiritual battle.
John 10:10 describes our enemy as one who seeks to steal, kill and destroy!  Our enemy develops strategies with moves and counter moves, plans and numerous schemes with a focus to completely destroy us!
Remember, he's a snake and he will wait patiently until just the right moment to strike out.  He mostly attacks when we're down, discouraged and/or exhausted.  Yes, it is true that we have been given all power over the devil and his demonic cohorts through the name of Jesus.  But we must also understand his methods of warfare.  We cannot underestimate his craftiness, trickery, lies and deceptions.  And, dear one, this is the reason why we  must  put on our full armour!  Whenever we do that, we are putting on the strength of the Lord!  We cannot fight this battle in our own strength- we need  His strength!  And, we also must have the mind of Christ!
Take Every Thought Captive
 2 Corinthians 10:3-8 gives us incredible insight into victorious spiritual warfare:
"For though we walk int he flesh, we do not war after the flesh. (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds,) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ."
The enemy targets our thoughts. Remember, he is sly, crafty and seductive!   He is known as the "Accuser of the Brethren " who speaks lies to God's people.  The devil will  always speak opposite of what God says about each of us.  We must take responsibility and cast those evil, negative thoughts down and replace those thoughts with the Word of God.  Whenever we do this, we are also renewing our minds and developing the mind of Christ.  Any thoughts we think that are contrary to what God says in His Word ...we must cast it down! 
Our fight is not in the natural real,, but in the supernatural realm.  I do  a lot of spiritual counseling when and in the sessions I realize that many believer's thoughts are targeted by the enemy!  And, they don't need counseling- they need to cast negative, demonically inspired, thoughts down!  It's true, really!  A whole lot of counseling time is unnecessary...believers can do much of  their spiritual homework at home by taking control of their thoughts.  Now, I'm not at all implying saints don't need counselors.  Not at all!  What I am saying is that a counselor cannot cast down your thoughts...only you can. 
Let me encourage you to put on the full armour of God and be determined that you are not going to quit!  The enemy may have worn you down, but you have not lost the battle.  Jesus has already won the battle, but we must take our rightful authority and defeat the devil's lies concerning us. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Know Your Enemy

My heart was pounding....really fast...actually racing!  I was angry at the devil.  To be sincere, I was just flat angry.  ANGRY about everything!  And with all that, I was exhausted!  I felt as if my strength had taken a long vacation.  I had prayed so much that I couldn't find any more words.  I began to cry out, "Lord!  What in the world is going on? ....I feel that there is a wall in front of me that is blocking my forward progression! I need a strategy from heaven!"
Ever felt like that?  I'll just bet you've experienced something similar to what I was experiencing. You see, dear one, most of us know that we are fighting a spiritual battle in the spirit realm.  And, yes, we DO have an enemy!  Whether we refer to him as the devil, Satan, the Accuser or the evil one, he is the enemy of God and our own souls.  However, many believers do not understand his strategies and tactics and how he operates.  But, if we want to defeat him, we must know how he works against us.
Where is the Enemy?
Just before Joshua led Israel into battle, Jesus appeared to him and said:
      And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked; and behold there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand:  and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?
     And he said, Nay, but as captain of the host of the Lord am I now come.  And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my lord unto his servant?
     And the captain of the Lord's host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot, for the place whereon thous standest is holy.  And Joshua did so.
     Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel; none went out, and none came in.  (Joshua 5:13-6:1).

     Then, Jesus gave Joshua very explicit instructions concerning how to take the city of Jericho.  Take a few moments and read Joshua 6:2-5.  In that passage you will find directives given to Joshua such as how many  times and how many days to march around the walls that fortified Jericho, how many trumpets the priests were to carry and blow. Every directive had to be followed exactly as God said or else whenever they shouted the wall would not fall!  Yes, the Bible says that when Joshua did exactly as God commanded, the wall of Jericho fell completely flat!  Most of you know this entire story and the great victory which occurred because they were given a divine strategy for warfare. 

Jesus Has Crushed Our Enemies!
     God has victory planned for us as well.  Thank God, Jesus is our captain also and He knows exactly how to defeat the enemy on our behalf because He has already crushed the enemy at the cross and resurrection!    Paul wrote in Ephesians 1:19-22 that Jesus overcame death and was raised up and seated "far above all principality and power and might and dominion and every name that is named."  That means that whatever name the devil has, each of those names is defeated because of what Jesus accomplished!  Jesus is our mighty warrior who has defeated all of his enemies (and ours as well) and has "..put all things under His feet!"

The Wall that Stands Before You
     Joshua understood that the wall of Jericho was merely a key that would unlock the entire city of Jericho.  He understood that the promised victory of taking Jericho was behind that wall....the  wall was the problem!  Dear one, each of us has a wall that attempts to block our promise!  The enemy loves to block our vision with walls.  But we must remember that behind every problem is a promise waiting to be actualized.  We can't allow any problem to hinder us from possessing our promises! 
The enemy would like for you to focus on the magnitude of the wall, but we must remain focused on the promise.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Purpose in God's Testings

I was so angry I wanted to scream...loudly!  Then, suddenly I felt exposed....everyone around witnessed me in a very vulnerable moment.  Yep, I was red-faced and I do believe my hair stood on end.  There was no hiding it anymore. I was the chart irritated... with one of God's children!   I had tried to love her, but now it seemed as if she was desiring a competitive  cat-fight ! I think my fingernails were forming into claws by the seconds. But God  used this encounter (another test, actually) to alert me to see that my patience and love tank registered close to empty... thankfully I embraced His grace to take a deep breath and walk in love again. Loving one another is a big deal to God, and I needed my heart to align with His...especially on this particular matter.
My Test
What you just read was another  test  specifically designed by heaven for me.  I could no longer preach,write or teach about God's love...I had to walk it out myself and pass the test of unconditional love. It is probably obvious to many of us- women sometimes have problems with other women.  It doesn't have to be that way, but by nature women are competitive with other women in many areas. Just to mention a few tests to pass as a woman:  gossip, jealousy, strife, competition, envy...and more! The enemy strategies often to bring strife among women...I'm certain of it! But there is no gender involved whenever it comes to ways the enemy seduces God's children to  have issues with each other.  Unity is important to God- is it any wonder why the devil seeks to promote disunity and strife?  (Take a quick look at Ps 133 for a great study on unity!)
As a pastor of a  local church and also as an author and  traveling minister, I have encountered many different confrontations from evil spirits that are active in people.  In the testimony above, a certain woman kept deliberately annoying me and distracted me during my teaching concerning God's grace. The entire encounter reminds me of when Apostle Paul encountered a spirit of divination (see Acts 16:16).   At the end of my teaching she would then approach me and attempt to entangle me in a heated debate. It was obvious to me that she was extremely performance driven, and I had been teaching on grace for quite a while.  It's true the devil doesn't like the message of grace.  And he will use whoever he can to use to falsely accuse godly leaders who are passionately pursuing truth.  For me that day, it was a test.  Could I walk in matter what? 
Again, this was another test for me.  I don't like tests.  In school I had to study diligently to do well...but God sees tests differently.  I'll just remain honest... I have had to stop and ask myself these questions several times:  Why does God test us?  And what is the purpose of it?

The Definition of a Test
The dictionary gives us an interesting definition of tests.  For humans in particular it applies to us in verb form meaning that : a test is a form of ascertaining the worth of a person.....  subject to certain examinations.   (See Collins English Dictionary).  We do not endure testing because God is upset with us- no way!  However, it is a mark of God's favor because it is His desire to establish our value!
Wow!  How awesome is that!  let me explain a little more.  Reader, you're going to love this blog!

Think for a moment about a jeweler and how he/she subjects silver or gold to a  test.  The test is done because there is value.  The tests determines just how much value is to be proven.  Wow! 
This puts a whole new slant on a test.  It's not that we are less valuable in the's the thought of how God desires to  prove to us and others our value. 
God Wants to Prove Your Value!

Dear one, He believes in you!  He wants to prove to you and others just how valuable you are.  Therefore, embrace your tests and respond with joy!  James 1:2-4 says " My brothers, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing."

Did you notice that whenever we are in a trial our faith is tested?  Yes, our belief systems become challenged whenever we go through a test.  In a trial, the Accuser of the Brethren falsely accuses us.  The enemy lies about us concerning our identity in God  and he lies concerning God's faithfulness and His desire to bless us.  I don't know about you, but when I'm in a test. or experiencing a trial, doubt arises.  I am tempted during hard times to doubt God's promises...and doubt my own value. It is in a test that we must remind ourselves of who we are in God.  During tests our confessions should be "I am a child of the King," "I am valuable,"  " I am blessed," "I am royalty." (etc). Whenever we do this God is proving to us our value again...and He is proving it also to the devil!
Overcome Lack
 I don't want to experience any more you?  James 1:2-4 says that we count it joy whenever we go through a trial so that patience is developed  and we are perfected and completed... lacking nothing!  Believer, this means that God has prepared a test to prepare us for greatness...lacking nothing!  A test is an introductory paragraph to a great testimony!!!
Yes, God desires that we cycle out of lack, therefore, a test might be required so that we come out of our past lack!  Embrace each's all meant to prove our value and empower us for increase!  We are in a season of increase.  At the beginning of this year I saw a very large river.  I asked the Lord what the river was and He said it was "The River of Increase."  Dear one, jump in the river today!  Embrace matter what the test is....remember it is necessary to prepare you for increase.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Exactly Does Breakthrough Look Like?

Breakthrough.  What exactly does it look like?  Well, I know what it  doesn't look like- or maybe a better way to say it is like this-  I feel like I know when I am NOT experiencing a breakthrough!  I am coming to realize that I have limited thinking, yes- even mindsets!, concerning experiencing a breakthrough.

Let me back up a bit and explain.  According to the dictionary, the word  breakthrough means :
      An act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle
  • An increase of knowledge or understanding
  • An offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line.

Did you notice that you can receive breakthrough whenever you "hear the truth" or "gain knowledge and understanding?"  This is why the Word says we perish for lack of knowledge.  (See Hosea 4:6).  The original word for "perish" means to be "destroyed, cut down, fail (or be ) undone."  Dear one, whenever we don't understand the finished work of Christ and that the price has been paid for us to receive open heavens and breakthroughs the enemy will continue to cause us to be "undone!" He goes about as a roaring lion seeking whomever he might devour.  But if we know the truth- the truth sets us free from the devourer!

We Begin at the Finish Line
It's important to remember that we don't start off our race at the starting point.  No way!  We begin every race and every battle at the finish line.  At the Christ, due to the shed blood of Jesus, we have received an inheritance as being a "sons" of God.  When we were born again we received the fullness of salvation which involves not only being saved but also healed, delivered, provision and all that heaven has to offer!  Please take some time and go back to my blog entitled  Straight Talk From Sandie Freed. This particular blog will help you cycle out of your seasons of hopelessness and despair.  Also, I encourage each of you to read my book  Power in the Blood: Claiming Your Spiritual Inheritance because it teaches more on the finished work of Christ.
Be One That Overcomes!
It's important to God that we overcome- it's important to you also!  Know that the enemy may be attempting to defend his position but you are part of an offensive thrust against the enemy!  My recent book,  Faith After Failure:  Reconnecting with Your Destiny would be great to read for a jump-start into  victory.  In this book I discuss how to get past our past and how to overcome hopelessness, insecurity, generational issues, etc. that would attempt to steal our future.

Be empowered today. You are already breaking through the enemy's blockades because:
  1. You have gained more understanding
  2. You have been empowered with truth to overcome
  3. You know that you are promised victory due to the Cross
  4. You have the ability to overcome because you are a son of the Father
  5. You begin at the Finish line- your victory is sealed!
This is the season to be thankful.  Let's be thankful for the Cross... that one thing will break us out of  hopelessness and despair. Our today's and tomorrows are full of hope... because of Jesus and His finished work!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

There is A Reason That God Is Giving You Dreams!

I was raised to believe that God does not speak through dreams.  I'm so blessed that I know differently today. For those of you who believe that God does speak through dreams, please take a moment and recall the life of Joseph. 

Joseph was given some really awesome dreams as a young man.  But, when he told his brothers about his dreams they got really upset!   He told them about dreaming of bundles of wheat, the sun, the moon and 11 stars bowing before him (take a moment and read Genesis 37:5-10).  Even his father, Jacob, rebuked him.  No one liked the idea of Joseph being positioned above them.  I would have probably been upset also if I were one of Joseph's family! But later his father reconsidered the entire matter. 

I believe that when God speaks to us through dreams we need to  both "consider the matter," and at times even "ponder" them.   I have had some really interesting dreams... but imagine having dreams like Joseph's!  In Psalm 105:19b it says that "...the word of the Lord tried him" until Joseph's dreams actually came to pass.  I believe that many of our dreams are "trying us" just as they did Joseph. 

Having God-given Dreams

Our God given dreams will be tested and tried, just as Joseph's did him.  Yet, if God gave you a dream then know He will bring it to pass!  The word "tried" is a Hebrew word that has a very interesting meaning.  Some of the words used to define being "tried" are " purged," "cast." "refine," "(make)pure," and "purge away."  When observing the full translation as to how dreams might "try" us we can easily conclude by this definition that it is similar to a goldsmith purifying metals and refining them with intense heat.  In other words, Joseph's dreams purified his heart and motives and he was being refined by the hand of God until his time came to fulfill his dreams.

When I think about God's timing the story of Joseph encourages me.  How?  Well, I'll just bet that you have some dreams also that have not come to pass.  Maybe, like myself, you have tucked away deep in your heart several promises God has spoken through dreams.  Don't be discouraged!  Know that God is refining you and preparing you for a "suddenly!"  Yes, suddenlies do happen.  Just like Joseph- in prison one day and in the palace the next- your dreams will come to pass!

God's Intentions Through Dreams

There are various reasons why God gives us dreams.   In the above paragraphs you read about how the timing of the fulfillment of a dream is meant to purify us and prepare us.  Another very important reason that God gives us dreams is to reveal the condition of our own hearts. If you recall, Daniel told King Nebuchadnezzar that God was giving him dreams to reveal the king's pride and to save his soul from the pit. (Read Job 33:14-18).