Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Find Out if Your are Being Vexed by the Enemy!

Vexation.  What is it?  How do I know that I am experiencing it?  These are questions that need answers.   I have been studying this subject for several years, and in fact, I have written about vexation in one of my latest books,  The Jezebel Yoke.   In this blog I will get straight to the point concerning the meaning of vexation and the evil demonic powers behind it. If you have been experiencing any of this it is highly possible that you have been vexed by the enemy:

  • Feeling like you're at the "end of your rope!"
  • Inability to concentrate and confused
  • Feeling intense pressure
  • Feeling as if you are under some type of "witchcraft" assignment
  • Targeted by the enemy
  • Struggling with manipulation and control
  • Feeling oppressed
  • Feeling cramped, (as if you are closed off from destiny), limited and cut-off
  • Feeling bound up and unable to break free
  • Loss of vision
  • Battling a death structure
  • Unable to get past your past
If you are experiencing any of this keep reading!  The Lord wants you to possess your Promised
Land and experience freedom!

Demonic Possession

Vexation in the New Testament makes reference to demonic "possession."  It is this writers opinion that a Christian cannot be completely "possessed" by the devil. However, I strongly believe that a Christian can need deliverance from a demonic stronghold or influence.   If you recall, Jesus even asked Peter how Satan had found an entrance to his heart.  Yes, even though Peter was a follower of Christ, he was still influenced by a demonic presence. We are in a season where we need to check our hearts and repent if we have opened a door to demonic opposition.  We often open doors through the  eye gate (not being cautious what we allow our natural eyes to behold),  and the ear gate (not being protective of what we listen to). 

Vexation is also linked with territorial spirits of lawlessness because, as I documented in my book, vexation can affect large masses of people.  So mobs of rioting and uprisings are often connected to demonic spirits which cause a vexation in others.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Reason for Dry Seasons

Exhausted, frustrated, disappointed and depressed? I can relate....been there-done that!.  Let me assure you that I have experienced a "dry season"...a season of desolation.  It is no fun.  During my time in the desert (I will use the words desert and dry season interchangeably because, to me, they are the same)  I was convinced that God had deserted me in the desert!  Notice the word "desert" in the word "deserted?"  Of course to believe this was to believe a lie- God NEVER leaves us!  However, when we go through dry season and  we experience drought,, barrenness and yes, , even, famine, we are often vulnerable to the seductive lies of the enemy that say:
  1.  You have done something wrong and God is punishing you by causing you to experience this dry season.
  2. He led you to the desert and now He has deserted you.  You cannot trust Him!
  3. You are in a completely hopeless situation!
  4. Your circumstances will never change!
  5. Shame on you!  You've been in the desert too long!  You should have been out by now!
Believer, when you are in a place of hopelessness every conversation will have a negative conclusion with an exclamation point! In other words, crisis abounds during a dry season.   Let's face it- we've  all experienced a dry season.  But why do they occur?

The Reason For Dry Season

 If you recall, God told Israel that the way He chose to lead them (through the desert) was "...not too difficult" for them (see Deut 30:11).  Yes, dear reader, God chose to lead his children into the desert.  The reason why is this- he was protecting them from their enemies.  Plus, and this is equally as important, He desired to use the desert as a catalyst that would motivate his people to look to Him for all of their needs.  His heart was to win over their hearts. If  you recall, Israel was continually faced with a need for a miracle while in the wilderness.  God desired that they look to Him, in faith, for the solution rather than murmur and complain.  Ouch!  How often have we murmured and complained and all the while God is just waiting for us to pray and ask Him for the solution.  Yet- our mouths abort the blessings!

Believer, a desert experience is not a punishment from God. It's unfortunate that many people have preached this incorrectly.  Let me be blunt; God is not mad at us-He is mad about us! His love for us is never-ending. Ephesians 3:18 encourages us to "...grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ." (NIV). 
 Precious believer, I believe that many times  God leads us to a desert experience  to draw us unto Himself.  A desert experience is just another way to explain a dry season.  In the natural we experience four seasons-spring, summer, fall and winter.  I love the spring whenever the trees begin to bud, flowers bloom and hummingbirds buzz around North-Central Texas (where I live!).  Summer in Texas is very hot.  Many times we experience drought because of lack of rain.  I suppose that would be a dry season- when there is no rain! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Are You Worn Out? Find Out Some Reasons Why!

Believer, I recently had an alarming dream about the Antichrist spirit.  In the dream there was an assignment against all believers, especially against the five fold ministry. The dream alarmed my spirit and the need to alert others that this spirit has evil intents to weaken us and even attack our strengths. (More on that in a bit).  In this blog I will briefly share how the Antichrist attacks  us and our minds.  However,  please be on the look-out for a future article on internet for more information on my dream. I will attempt to alert you concerning any upcoming articles in which I more fully expose my dream.

 Believer, let me first say this- don't allow an Antichrist spirit to cause you to fear.  Since I wrote my recent book,  Conquering the Antichrist Spirit, Discerning and Defeating the Seducer that Binds Believers Today  (you may click on the book tab to hear more and order through our book store) I was alarmingly surprised as to how little people really understood this evil spirit.  In fact, even more were afraid to discuss it as if it were a type of  end-time mystical demon with unlimited powers.   It's so true..many believers feel threatened by this spirit- but we shouldn't! Why not?  Because the Word states that we have the mind of Christ.  Read on- you're about to be empowered with revelation!

Are You Worn-Out?

God chose the prophet Daniel to reveal the hidden mysteries of the courts of heaven.  In Daniel 7:9 it reveals how Daniel watched thrones put in place and how the Ancient of Days- God- set down to judge.  Daniel watched as the Almighty judge of the universe took His seated position to judge the evil influence upon the earth- the Antichrist influence- Satan himself or any type of demonic opposition that set itself in a lofty position to wear out the saints of God.Yes- the enemy targets us to "wear us out. However, God has already judged this evil influence!There is no need to fear.  But we need to know the plan of the enemy so that we can be on guard.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Straight Talk with Dr. Sandie- It's time to Conquer the Enemy That Steals Your Harvest!

Believer- welcome again to my Blog site! 
I feel that I need to get straight to the point because of the seriousness of this message.  So, please allow me just talk to you really straight- The enemy wants to steal your blessings!
We are in a "season of seeing," and therefore our eyes are being opened more to the truths of God and hidden mysteries are being revealed.  I have been blogging and writing various articles with fresh revelation needed for present breakthrough.  One of the topics I feel needs to be brought to the forefront concerns the Midianite spirit that steals our harvest.

If you recall, it was the Midianites that continually stole the harvests of the Israelites.  When we study Judges 6 we get an idea of how this evil spirit plots to steal our harvest and breakthroughs also. Please take some time and study this passage.  Sadly, God's people were hiding in caves and other places in complete fear and terror of the Midianites! Are we the same?  By this I mean are we in fear?  Fearing God will not provide or protect us in these oppressive times?
Many times our enemy will wait until the time of harvest to implement strategies of devastation and lack.  Just as the Midianite spirit stole from Gideon and his family- the same enemy devises a plan to eat up our assetts, blessings and various breakthroughs.

Maybe you can relate to things like this:
  • Just before you get promotions they get stolen from you. 
  • Every summer there is not enough money to take a vacation as a family- even though you saved for the trip.
  • Every year your money is spent for things unexpected and you experience lack.
  • Every Christmas there is trauma, sickness or lack of needed finances to enjoy the holiday.
  • Every time of harvest gets interrupted with tragedy and loss.

Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Steps to Conquer Fear

Fear.  Ugh!  Are you like me- So weary of how it attempts to take over?  Think about it a minute-  if given place, it will consume our  thoughts and emotions.  It has taken quite a bit of discipline for me  to tame it-yet, it is similar to a bad penny as it keeps showing up! Over the years I have  learned several ways to keep fear at  halt! - meaning keeping it from a complete take-over.

What do I mean by take over?  Well, all of us have (at times) wavering faith. Many times it first appears with a fearful thought.   At least, that has been my observation and personal experience. I have heard it said for years that fear is the opposite of faith.  I've come to believe differently and have concluded that  unbelief is the opposite of faith.  We will discuss unbelief in a later post.  as it deserves more individual attention.  (So, stay with me and watch for my blogs- I intend to expose the stronghold of unbelief soon!)  For now, precious believer, let's remain focused on steps to conquer fear.

The Opposite of Fear
A quick dictionary search states that some of the antonyms of fear are: assurance, boldness, self confidence, courage,  fortitude and (of course!) fearlessness.   I believe it is safe to say that when fear is present, we lack each of these.  I know, for myself, whenever I am fearful I lack courage to move forward.  I am the most fearful whenever I am moving into the "unknown."  Maybe you can relate.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Key to Locking Out A Python Spirit

Need a key to lock out a python spirit from your life? How about your business, family or even your ministry? Dear believers, please hear me- the python spirit is real. It's time for the Body of Christ to wake up to the reality that there really are demonic spirits that oppose us. Believe it or not, I don't enjoy overemphasizing the work of Satan. But I must admit, spiritual discernment is one of my strongest giftings- so I am choosing not to deny how God has gifted me.

We have a real enemy. In the Book of Revelation, John exposes him as an old serpent who deceives the whole world. (See Rev: 12:9). Isn't it interesting that this serpent spirit first gained entrance in the Garden of Eden? Why did he manifest as a snake? What is the significance between Satan and a serpent?

Manifestations of Serpent Spirits

There are different types of serpents just as there are different manifestations of evil spirits. When looking at serpent spirits, we have to study closely the way they operate to determine how to perform spiritual warfare to defeat them.

There are some snakes that are more venomous than others, just as there are some demonic spirits that are more powerful than other spirits.Certain snakes kill with venom- yet the python is different. The python is unique as it lies in wait for an opportune time to strike. Its bite is not fatal- but it's squeeze is! The python is set on seeking out one thing- our breath! It will first bite and then slowly wrap itself around its victim to squeeze the life out. Eventually it suffocates its prey and then the python has its meal!

The Symbols of the Holy Spirit

Breath, air, and wind are all symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, the enemy is attempting to destroy the different manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life. The python hates the breath of its prey- so does the demonic python spirit! The enemy seeks to squeeze the Holy Spirit completely out of us-our personal lives, our families, businesses and churches.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Python Spirit Opposes Your Breakthrough!

Dear Believer,

How would you describe this season in your life?  Hard? Challenging?  Maybe even "difficult"  at times?  If you have been like me, you have experienced some "difficult" times lately.  It has been prophesied that this year would be a year of breakthrough and open doors.  Yet, many of us have felt as if our faith has wavered and at times not even sure that we can finish the race! Let me encourage you right now- The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is guarding your threshold and breakthrough!  However, it is up to us to use our weapon of warfare to defeat the powers that attempt to oppose us!

Just recently The Elijah List posted one of my articles on "Crossing Over the Threshold of Open Doors."  I encourage you to read it as I believe it will encourage you.  However, for the sake of this particular blog- I wish to re-identify the spirit of python that opposes our breakthrough during this season.

Dream of a Python

Recently, I had a dream of a python snake that would wrap itself around believers as they attempted to go through open doors.  Of course, this snake was a serpent spirit, used by Satan to hinder us.
  This evil spirit would attempt to weaken it's victim by squeezing the life and breath out of it's body.  This spirit caused much fear, anxiety and weakness (both spiritual and physical), as it would attempt to hold onto us and put the "squeeze" on us!  The main attempt was to keep us from moving past our past and experiencing God's fullness.  
 Believer- listen up- the enemy does not want you to believe God for your breakthrough.  He desires to weaken your faith by creating circumstances in you life that are completely opposite of what God has promised you. Allow me to assure you of this important point-  your land of promise, your open door, awaits your arrival and crossing over, but the enemy does not like the fact that you are at a threshold of great, great breakthrough.

More on The Python Spirit
            In Greek, the term used for divination and witchcraft is "python." It is connected to a word meaning "to twist."  A python is a large and muscular snake that will "twist" itself around its prey and kill it by squeezing or constricting until it suffocates. This spirit squeezes life out of hope, breakthroughs, finances, passion,  and lives.  It 'constricts' us to the point that we are unable to move forward into our future.  As it constricts us, we will feel many restraints which attempt to contain us in old patterns. 

How to Battle the Python

Of course, we need to bind this spirit and make him loose his ungodly hold upon us.  But there's more.  In my last blog post I discussed "passion."  Well, the spirit of python will also squeeze out every bit of passion you have for the Lord!  If you have lost passion, maybe you're battling a python spirit!  And when python is defeated our passion for God returns.  Is it any wonder that python wants to keep us from going through God's open doors?  Think about it- abundance awaits us on the other side of the threshold.  That means we also have MORE power over the enemy when we cross over.